“Six Principles for Moving Your Garden Toward Sustainability”-at the September WACGC General Meeting

The September General Meeting of Williamsburg Area Council Of Garden Clubs was held at the Kings of Glory Lutheran Church and hosted by the members of Kingsmill Garden Club. The program was Barbara Ellis, former publications director at the American Horticultural Society and author of “Chesapeake Gardening &Landscaping: the Essential Green Guide,” was our speaker. The title of her presentation was“Six Principles for Moving Your Garden Toward Sustainability.” She discussed  how creating a greener yard and garden does not have to involve making life-altering changes. In this talk, Barbara Ellis discussed a range of options  from simple steps to ambitious projects— that gardeners and homeowners can take to create beautiful, more sustainable gardens and landscapes that are attractive and healthy for humans, wildlife,and the environment as a whole—including the Chesapeake Bay and all its tributaries.


Hosted by the member of Kingsmill Garden Club ( From left to right) Kingsmill Garden Club president:  Gerry Hanley, Betty Hanley, Bobbi Huesman, Judy Luek, Marie Bond


(Left) WACGC President: Glenda Knowles and (Right) Speaker: Barbara.W. Ellis




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