Our Mission

Objectives of the Council

2013-2015 Council Officers installed on Thursday, May 23, 2013.  From Left: Carolyn Budd, Ellen Schiavone, Carmen Hegge-Kleiser, Glenda Knowles, and Loy Holt

2013-2015 Council Officers

President Marijane Harper (right) and Vice-President Ellen Schiavone. (2011-1013 Board)

President Marijane Harper (2011-2013) (right) and Vice-President Ellen Schiavone (2011-2013).

The Council’s objectives are:

  • to bring about cooperation among the garden clubs in Williamsburg Area for the purpose of working together on common objectives; such as
  • the beautification of the community in which members reside,
  • to encourage the knowledge and love of gardening,
  • to conserve and protect our native trees, wild flowers and birds,
  • to promote civic plantings, and to cooperate with other groups who share these objectives.
  • 2012 Officers

    2010-2011 Board Members

    2010-2011 Board Members

    2010-2011 Board Members

    2010-2011 Board Members

    The Board of the WACGC consists of five elected officers: president, vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, correspondence secretary; two appointed officers: parliamentarian and chaplain; and appointed chairmen for the following committees: Arbor Day, Advisory Board, Continuing Projects, Civic Beautification, Hospice House, Newsletter, Publicity, History & Scrapbook, Ways & Means, Membership, and Williamsburg Beautification.

    There are three business meetings of the Council: September, January, and May. The May meeting is the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, all officers and chairmen of the Standing Committees submit annual reports. All members of the Council garden clubs are invited to attend any regular meeting of the Council.

    Any garden club located in Williamsburg or its environs, whose aims are in accord with those of the Council is eligible for membership.

    The Council holds an annual fundraiser to support its works. Past fundraisers have included flower shows, antiques appraisal luncheons, a wine-tasting event, etc.

    2002 Gala


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